Lolita Ladybug Gin Glass

Lolita Ladybug Gin Glass


Smells like spring. Time to turn a new leaf. This beautiful piece from Designs by Lolita is a great reminder to not let a thing "bug" you. Raise your glass and fly away to the happiest of hours. Each Copa gin glass is instantly recognisable as being from the ever-growing Lolita range, using her signature style of bright bold colours with ‘blinged-up’ embellishments! Every Lolita glass begins life as a sketch. The glasses are then blown using traditional techniques and are hand-crafted. As all of the glasses are made using this method, very slight variations can occur in the thickness of the rim or the weight of the product — all adding to the charm that is a Lolita glass. 

Height: 19.5cm

Width: 11.5cm

Depth 11.5cm